Who needs a wristband?
• You, if you are planning on attending the festival more than one day. Your wristband is your pass for every artist, every event, every day of your festival experience.

How do I get my wristband?
• The first time you enter the festival grounds, bring your multi-day grounds pass to the front gate to be scanned. Your wristband will then be issued and activated.

What are the benefits of a wristband?
• The wristband acts as a fast pass into the gate each day you attend.
• One FREE drink every day.
• After you have your wristband, there is no need to keep track of the paper multi-day grounds pass.
• FREE entry to all special events during the festival (Family Fest, Senior Day, Praise Fest).

What if I lose my wristband?
• Lost wristbands will be replaced for the cost of a multi-day grounds pass.

What if my wristband breaks?
• If wristband is damaged or cut off, we will replace it for $15. You must show proof of purchase, photo ID, and bring the damaged wristband. If the wristband cannot be provided, the replacement will be handled as a lost wristband.

What if I can’t wear my wristband outside of BSD?
• If circumstances prevent you from wearing a wristband outside of the festival, accommodations will be made:
1. Go to the ticket booth before 11 PM or the BSD office during business hours (9 AM – 5 PM). 
2. BSD agent will remove the wristband. 
3. BSD agent will keep wristband with your information in the ticket booth. Photo ID required. 
4. Return to the ticket booth and show your photo ID any subsequent night to have new wristband issued. 
5. Any wristband removed by the buyer will be treated as a damaged wristband and such rules will apply.


Tickets are refundable only if the event is cancelled prior to commencement of event headliners due to a covered insurance peril. For multi-day ground passes, refunds will be pro-rated. Refunds will be issued within 30 days after insurance payment receipt by BSD.


Grounds Pass

Grounds Pass = entrance to General Admission section of concert area. Every person entering the gate, ages 8+, is required to have an Adult (13+) or Youth (8-12) grounds pass. Kids 7 and under receive free admission into the General Admission section. You do not need to purchase a VIP ticket to enter the General Admission area of the concert grounds.

VIP Tickets

Grounds Pass + VIP = entrance to VIP section of concert area between stage and General Admission area. The VIP ticket is an additional cost and is optional. A VIP ticket is only required for admission into the VIP Section, which is a separated section directly in front of the main stage. Anyone entering the VIP Section is required to have a VIP ticket, including children 7 and under. VIP tickets are only sold in Multi-day packages. If VIPs are still available at the start of the event, individual nights may become available for sale in limited quantity at the Will Call Booth outside the entrance.


Absolutely no weapons of any kind will be permitted through the gates.

Security and bag checks occur upon entrance and anyone found with anything deemed to be a weapon (including pocket knives, screw drivers, pliers or other tools) will be told to take it back to their vehicle. No pets, outside food or beverage, coolers, cans, bottles, vendor refillable cups, audio, video or commercial photography equipment will be allowed on the grounds. Standard lawn chairs are permitted in the General Admission – no chaise lounges.


You must receive a hand stamp upon leaving the grounds after 5 PM if you intend to re-enter that same night. Upon re-entrance your ticket and stamp will be checked.



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Gate Times

The festival grounds are open throughout the day as some vendors are open for lunch. At 4 PM Thursday and Friday the grounds will be cleared, to reopen at 5 PM at which time tickets will be required to enter the gates for the evening entertainment. Saturday and Sunday the grounds will be cleared at 1:30 PM, to reopen at 2:30 PM at which time tickets will be required to enter the gates.

The VIP section opens 1 hour before the first Main Stage show.


Sponsored by: Great River Health Systems

A first aid station is located inside Memorial Auditorium (white building behind South Stage). It can be found in the North East corner of the building.


Sponsored by: Pepsi Refreshment Services & Clear Falls Bottled Water

A Designated Driver station is located in the lobby of the Memorial Auditorium. Check in with the attendant at the station to receive your DD bracelet. This bracelet will let beer servers know you are a DD for the evening and will not serve you. The bracelet also allows you to drink free Pepsi products and water from the DD station all evening.


Burlington Steamboat Days does not sell Meet & Greet or Backstage Passes.

If Meet & Greet passes are available for artists (often they are not) they can be obtained through these methods:

  1. Special Burlington Steamboat Days Event Parties
  2. Radio or Website Contests (Burlington Steamboat Days, Artist, or 3rd Party Promoter sites)
  3. Artist’s website. Sometimes Meet & Greet promotions are available through artist’s fan clubs.


Seating is not provided in the General Admission section. Standing room or standard lawn chairs (in defined areas) are permitted. The VIP section has seating provided, however, it is limited and on a first-come-first-served basis.


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